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  • On Acumina

    On Acumina

    “things sharpened to a small point” Intellegência: Cerebral Acumen             Intelligence means literally, “to read/chose between” Thus, the mark of intelligence is not just to be aware knowledge that exists, but to be able to apply, analyze, and surmise from that knowledge. It is the reasoning that allows one to build upon previous knowledge and […]

  • On the Four Acumina

    On the Four Acumina

    Quattuor Acumina: Intelegência, Puissance, Sagezza, Carisma Intelegência: science, facts, reality Intelegência, intelligence, is the acumen of understanding and knowing the world and information. This is the acumen of science, facts, and uncompromising reality. It is synthetic in the past, analytical in the present, and prescient in the future. intelegência allows us to learn from the past […]

  • On the Dynamic Balance

    On the Dynamic Balance

    Everything comes eventually back to the balance. Anything can be dangerous in excess. Water can drown. Oxygen can suffocate. Vitamins are necessary for life until they poison you. Sunscreen protects you from cancer until you develop deficiencies or cancer from the sunscreen. A delicate balance of hydration and salts can tip either way with the […]

  • Ode to Optimizing

    Ode to Optimizing

    Optimizing is not just improving, but finding the best in something. It is taking a situation and bringing it to its full potential. In this way, perfection can be attained, for I believe in perfection. Perfection does not necessarily mean to me what it means to most. For me, it is finding exactly the right […]

  • On Good, Neutral, and Evil

    On Good, Neutral, and Evil

    Good These are the ideals. In the truly good, perfection can actually be attained. It is the optimism that enhances on realism. In this realm, evil is not just avoided, but non-existent. The self-motivating aspect of 改善 is most readily apparent. Actions are taken because they are correct and clearly beneficial to all. In following […]

  • On Social Relationships

    On Social Relationships

    Strangers: Stars Strangers are like stars observed in the night sky. They are observed from a far and have a lot of similarities to each other. They pass by with little effect on our lives except, perhaps those that create the beauty of constellations. This is a superficial observation with little relation to the actual […]

  • On saying “yes”

    On saying “yes”

    One of the consistent realms of people’s disbelief about my life is the number of things that I do. This is because I say “yes” far more often than “no.” I think that this is where one of the major hinge points for 改善 and creating healthy dynamic balance exists, for “no” being a default […]

  • On 改善

    On 改善

    改善is the concept of improvement. It is amegliorare in Italian, mejorar in Spanish, ameliorate in English. The thing about 改善as opposed to improve as a concept is that 改善incorporates the ideas of improvement because it is better for the world, because it is responsible, because it is self-motivating, because it is the correct philosophical direction. […]