On the Dynamic Balance

Everything comes eventually back to the balance. Anything can be dangerous in excess. Water can drown. Oxygen can suffocate. Vitamins are necessary for life until they poison you. Sunscreen protects you from cancer until you develop deficiencies or cancer from the sunscreen. A delicate balance of hydration and salts can tip either way with the same symptoms and equally disastrous results. It is only in the balancing of things in our lives that there is true health and happiness. Thus, balance is something to seek in what we do. It is a way to achieve 改善 and that is ultimately the goal of existence for me. The balance of all things is what the world needs. This does not mean there can be no change. Balances can shift just as external factors change equilibria in chemicals. When you are hiking, you need more water and salt than you would staying at rest. If this balance can be achieved, peace is had. It will adjust to the system, but the system needs help in reestablishing the balances. By shifting the balance, one is likewise able to shift the system, but one must be wary as they do this. Too much of a shift and disaster will result.

A system in dynamic balance has: Good timing, the Graces, a healthy mix of qualities.