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  • Skiing Aspen/Snowmass

    Skiing Aspen/Snowmass

    Impressions: Apen is affluent. This feeling is not particularly apparent on the slopes as Skiing is essentially an activity of the wealthy anyway so the ski crowd is fairly indistinguishable from any other mountain full of people strapped to slippery boards and bundled in water-proofed layers and anything from one to thirty thousand under layers.…

  • Kanab Creek to Deer Creek Route

    Kanab Creek to Deer Creek Route

    Impressions: Kanab Creek to Deer Creek loop is a very ambitious backpacking trip. It fundamentally traces a circle around Fishtail Mesa. While nothing comes to technical (there is one semi-climb near the end that is interesting in the snow), there are long, dry distances, route finding around pour-offs, slot canyons, boulder hopping, many stream crossings…