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  • Ode to Adventures

    Ode to Adventures

    Adventures add interest to life. There have been so many times that a trip or experience I was on would have been just ok if an adventure had not occurred. Adventures are unlooked for and often unwanted in the moment, but invariably, they provide the best stories and some of the happiest memories that one […]

  • Ode to Water Bottles

    Ode to Water Bottles

    Water bottles contain things without spilling. Spills seem to be exaggeratedly huge tragedies in my mind right up there with the worst things that can befall mankind such as famine and plagues. Water bottles prevent this, and that is amazing. The miracle of chemistry that is plastics, and it really is interesting chemistry, allows you […]

  • Ode to Lightning and Thunder

    Ode to Lightning and Thunder

                Lightning and thunder are supreme expressions of nature’s power. Lightning is overcoming the very considerable insulation capacity of air to such an extent that it can reach the temperature of the sun. It splits the very sky asunder and brings a deadly beauty to the world. Every lightning bolt is unique and yet similar. […]

  • Ode to Dolphins

    Ode to Dolphins

                Dolphins are amazing creatures. They are so advanced psychologically that we suspect that they have their own language. The thing is, we can’t figure it out, so it is both a language and a code if they have it indeed. They are renowned to save people from drowning. They use tools and have complex […]

  • Ode to the First Feeling of AC

    Ode to the First Feeling of AC

    The feeling of walking into AC right after the heat is one the first drink of water in the stereotypical Sahara. If you appreciate this feeling, you have been in and uncomfortable, inimical environment. You are often sweaty, thirsty, and may have a headache. The second you walk into air conditioning though, you feel as […]

  • Ode to Ice Cream

    Ode to Ice Cream

                Ice cream is frozen deliciousness. It is one of the favorite desserts of most people and for good reason: cream, sugar, smooth texture, the temperature of a mid-winter’s night, what’s not to love? It can cool you off on a hot summer’s day; although, I prefer to eat ice cream on snowy, winter days. […]

  • Ode to Naps

    Ode to Naps

    Naps help you get through the most difficult of times. They wrap you in the security of sleep where we are most vulnerable and so can be only restful if we truly believe we are safe. Naps particularly need this feeling of safety because they occur when most people are active. They refresh your mind […]

  • Ode to the Scent after Rain

    Ode to the Scent after Rain

                The scent of rain is a hymn of the faithful. The Earth rejoices in the fulfilment of a promise, and in the desert it is a precious gift of life. It is hard to pin down exactly what the scent is or where it comes from. Perhaps it is the leaves, or the flowers, […]