Category: Game Rules

  • Canasta


    Type: a rummy game Objective: Be the highest above 7,500 points Players: 2+ Partners: if four players, across. If three players, whoever did not pick up the discard pile first are partners and split score against the one person who picked up the discard pile. Decks: 2 Rounds: multiple Jokers: yes Wilds: 2’s and Jokers […]

  • Sevens


    Type: a solitaire game Objective: Get out of cards first. Players: 3+ Partners: No Decks: 1 Rounds: 1 Jokers: No Wilds: no Aces: Always low Point system: none Deal all cards.             If there are extra cards at the end, set them aside, face up, and place them as they become relevant. (When do they […]

  • Screwy Louis

    Screwy Louis

    Type: a rummy game Objective: have the most points Players: 2+ Partners: Yes (across if four players) Decks: 2 Rounds: 7 Jokers: Yes Wilds: 2, Joker Aces: Always high Point system: Canasta except: red 3 = 50, black 3 = 0, Jokers = 20 Deal seven cards Flip the first card into the discard pile. […]

  • Arizona Rummy

    Arizona Rummy

    Type: a rummy game (scilicet) Objective: Have the LEAST points. Alternate: go for as many points as you can because it is going that poorly. Players: 2+ Partners: No Decks: 2 Rounds: 10-11 Jokers: No Wilds: 2, and the number of cards in your hand (threes when three cards in hand, fours when four in […]

  • Card Game Basics

    Card Game Basics

    Here is a new category of post I am trying out: How to play games. Since I have a fairly encyclopedic knowledge of game rules, and often have friends asking for refreshers/reminders/can-I-teach someone-else, let’s spread the joy! I am including some basic premises of playing card games here, and will be adding the how to […]