Screwy Louis

Type: a rummy game

Objective: have the most points

Players: 2+

Partners: Yes (across if four players)

Decks: 2

Rounds: 7

Jokers: Yes

Wilds: 2, Joker

Aces: Always high

Point system: Canasta except: red 3 = 50, black 3 = 0, Jokers = 20

Deal seven cards

Flip the first card into the discard pile.

If desired, exchange a card in your hand for the discard BEFORE you draw

Draw one card each turn from the deck.

Attempt to fulfill the phase to meld.

Sets are three; runs are four and in suit.

After melding, partners can play cards on each other’s sets/runs including retrieving wilds (see below). They should communicate little about what should be played.

After melding, sets or runs can be played ad libidem.

Do NOT discard. Say, “Pass,” to indicate the next player’s turn.

Phases: Every player must get the phase to meld. All players advance to the next phase after the round whether they melded (yay) the last round, or not (sad).

            2 sets

            1 set 1 run

            2 sets 1 run

            2 runs 1 set

            3 sets

            1 run of 7

            2 sets 2 runs

The first player to meld gets 20 additional points.

If you or a partner have a card that a wild stands for, exchange the card in your hand for the wild. You may then play the wild elsewhere or as part of a new set/run.

The round ends when a player plays the last card(s) of their hand (remember to draw every turn and no discarding), or when the deck runs out of cards.

Any points in hand are negative; points played on the table are positive.

Start a new round with the next player to the left dealing 7 (always; for larger phases, it takes several turns to potentially meld).

Continue until all phases have been played.