Arizona Rummy

Type: a rummy game (scilicet)

Objective: Have the LEAST points.

Alternate: go for as many points as you can because it is going that poorly.

Players: 2+

Partners: No

Decks: 2

Rounds: 10-11

Jokers: No

Wilds: 2, and the number of cards in your hand (threes when three cards in hand, fours when four in hand, etc.)

Aces: Always high

Point system: Face Value, A= 15, and Wilds = 20

Deal three cards.

Flip the first card into the discard pile.

Draw one card each turn from either the deck or the discard.

Attempt to fill your hand with sets or runs.

Must be at least three, but can be more in higher card rounds

            Runs must be in suit.

The first player to fill their hand puts it down on the table and discards as normal, which is really good (0 pts!).

Each player then has one turn to put down as much of their hand as they can with sets and runs.

Any points left in hand (not a part of a set or run) are counted by face value, which is bad.

Start a new round with the next player to the left dealing 4.

Continue rounds until 13 cards are delt (or 15 if you want to add an ace round)

            Hands with 6 cards or more can be split into two or more sets/runs of three.

The queen round (12) is double points; king (13) triple; and ace (15) quintuple points.