Ode to Dolphins

            Dolphins are amazing creatures. They are so advanced psychologically that we suspect that they have their own language. The thing is, we can’t figure it out, so it is both a language and a code if they have it indeed. They are renowned to save people from drowning. They use tools and have complex social groups. They protect each other from predators and coordinate hunting of their own food. They show evidence of creating friendships and loyalty to their families. They are capable of all manner of interesting feats, and they seem to be the masters of play. Douglass Adams puts them above us in the ranks of intelligent life on Earth, and with their parting before the world’s demise, they left with the farewell: “So long and thanks for all the fish.” My mom has always admired them for making the wise decision to return to the sea in the course of their evolution. I have always marveled at dolphins. They have mastered an environment in which I have little experience and a small amount of trepidation. Their abilities to echolocate are the possession of a magical power. They are admirable and powerful as they leap from their native element in the sea and ascend into the air. This has been a wonder of humanity for ages as the ancient Etruscans considered them to be able to reincarnate from the realm of death (the sea) to that of the living (air). They are a part of my inspiration in creating dracs as the dragon-like creatures emulate dolphins in their playfulness and their equal comfort in both the tropical seas of Zy and the air above. When I was young, I would pretend to be a dolphin both in the pool and in the endless animal games I played. Eventually, they became one of my top choices of animals I wish I could transform into. Whenever I look at the sea now, I fantasize about seeing dolphins. I can almost convince myself that every white breaker of a wave beyond the shore is a dolphin’s splash. The one time I was whale watching in Taiwan, dolphins were primarily what we saw, and I do not consider it to be a wasted trip at all. It was one of the great wonders to have dolphins playing at the prow of the ship, that moment you step into pure wonder and joy and there is nothing in the world you would rather see or do.