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  • Ode to Rafting the Grand Canyon

    Ode to Rafting the Grand Canyon

                Rafting the Grand Canyon is the best experience. No really, if I suggest one thing for you to do in your entire life, it is: raft the Grand Canyon. From motor trips to oars, it is one of the few places of epic majesty that can be experienced. The feeling of stepping into another…

  • Ode to Soda

    Ode to Soda

                Soda is carbonated sugar acid. It is amazing. I already have a palate that prefers sweet to savory things, and to that you add water, just a little tang from the acids, fizz, and some extra flavoring. It helps me stay awake (or maybe puts me to sleep) do to the caffeine and sugar…

  • Ode to the Feeling of 24-28 Degrees

    Ode to the Feeling of 24-28 Degrees

    24 to 28 degrees is the perfect temperature range. Room temperature is right in the middle of this range (27), and it is not too hot and not too cold. These temperatures make activity easy and fun. You need not warm up or cool down. You feel good while outside and can open the windows…

  • Ode to Eating Out

    Ode to Eating Out

    Eating out is a great convenience. It is the chance to avoid the effort of making food for yourself for a meal and to be pampered by others preparing a meal for you. You are able to take some extra time to sit and contemplate or enjoy the company of another. Reading over the menu,…

  • Did you know: Addictive Flowers

    the tobacco plant has nicotine in its flowers? That’s one way to ensure its pollinators keep coming back.

  • Ode to Praise

    Ode to Praise

                Praise makes you feel special. It is beyond self-esteem for one does not need praise if they believe what they are doing is worthwhile. However, it brings a disproportionate amount of happiness to hear that what you do is appreciated. It helps to keep motivated and stay the course. It can be a vindicating…

  • Ode to Cobbler

    Ode to Cobbler

                Cobbler is decadent. It is all of the best parts of a pie, and nearly always includes my favorite type of ice cream, namely vanilla. A pie can be great, particularly if the crust is well made of delicious ingredients, but most often, the crust is kind of bland and very difficult to cut…

  • Ode to Backpacks

    Ode to Backpacks

                Backpacks are utilitarian. They are probably the most efficient way to carry a lot of things with you. They come in a variety of sizes, and you can suit the size to the occasion, from a small camelback holding a few snacks and water necessary for survival on a dessert run to a giant…