Ode to Eating Out

Eating out is a great convenience. It is the chance to avoid the effort of making food for yourself for a meal and to be pampered by others preparing a meal for you. You are able to take some extra time to sit and contemplate or enjoy the company of another. Reading over the menu, you are able to think about other meals that you have had, about your preferences in tastes, and about the size of your appetite. The options unfold, mostly enticingly so that there is a fair amount of discipline required in order to resist ordering everything on the menu breaking both your budget and your capacity. However, there is the feeling that you can spend a little more and eat a little more to try something new or have that delight that you have been waiting for. The waiter can alleviate all effort for you while also providing some friendly interaction. Ordering from a counter to take your own food gives you complete control of your time while adding to the experience of a normal eating experience. Most importantly to me, eating out allows for having foods that you do not know how to cook or how to cook well, You can enjoy all of the amazing delights that people around the world have come up with and the infinite variations of their flavors. It transports me through memory to places I have been. It reminds me of wonderful times with my friends and family. It gives anticipation for the next time I can go to a restaurant to enjoy my usual most often, but occasionally, to get that meal that was tempting although I was unable to order it. The down time that I have while eating out and waiting either to order or for the food has allowed me to accomplish work, read books, work on projects so that I am much more efficient with my time and output. It has given me a taste of the world I like exploring at home. It has provided enhancement to some of my best experiences.