Ode to Praise

            Praise makes you feel special. It is beyond self-esteem for one does not need praise if they believe what they are doing is worthwhile. However, it brings a disproportionate amount of happiness to hear that what you do is appreciated. It helps to keep motivated and stay the course. It can be a vindicating moment that all of the hard work done is worthwhile. It is the best when unexpected since you couple it with the surprise factor and the revelation that others are paying attention and appreciating what is being done. It can be a simple word or phrase, a thank you card, a high mark, a recommendation, imitation, or even a smile. When one person praises another, there is the sharing of goodness between two people. Praise can make a child’s face light up, and it can be the best reward for a task. It is intangible and so very meaningful and priceless. It is a recognition of valuable things, not in the physical but in the world of action. There have been a few times that praises have kept me going and committed to the long run and that has allowed me to come into some of the best things I have encountered.