Ode to the Feeling of 24-28 Degrees

24 to 28 degrees is the perfect temperature range. Room temperature is right in the middle of this range (27), and it is not too hot and not too cold. These temperatures make activity easy and fun. You need not warm up or cool down. You feel good while outside and can open the windows to let a light breeze in. Lounging around can be done without either overheating or feeling the chill. The outdoors call your name while napping is simply divine. The comfort allows you to enjoy any type of food or drink, and the flavors seems to come alive a little more as you are at such ease. These temperatures often occur in the spring and fall, so there are plentiful flowers or leaves to gaze at and get lost as you relax in a garden. You can stretch out and not have to avoid skin touching for fear of sweat or heat rash. Everything feels a little easier. Everything is a little more relaxed. Venturing out for an engagement, errand, or activity can be done with easy and taking a detour to see something interesting or simply enjoy the day becomes a much more appealing option. My favorite thing to do is recline. It can be for a nap in my bed or day-couch, on a stone bench in the garden, resting on the couch, or even on the carpet. The feeling of the air embracing me is a joy, and I can let my mind wander to this and those of my imagination as I listen to music or the ambient noises of the world. Everything comes together, and it is easy to think: This is an amazing world!