Ode to Naps

Naps help you get through the most difficult of times. They wrap you in the security of sleep where we are most vulnerable and so can be only restful if we truly believe we are safe. Naps particularly need this feeling of safety because they occur when most people are active. They refresh your mind and body. They shield you from overly worrying at things. They take away all trauma that you do your waking self. You wake up from a nap either energetic or groggy, but they always give you lasting energy to make it through the next phase. They can give you new insight into what you need to do or say. Wrapping yourself in a blanket for a nap has a weary but hopeful feeling to it. You get a little bit warmer, you know that the nap will help, and you wonder vaguely how much time your nap will take. I have never overslept when taking a nap, so there is no worry for them for me. I most often get to take naps when I have vacations, so they represent times of rest, particularly since I often struggle mentally with time off. In naps, I do not think I have ever had a dream. They are simply restful oblivion.