Ode to Lightning and Thunder

            Lightning and thunder are supreme expressions of nature’s power. Lightning is overcoming the very considerable insulation capacity of air to such an extent that it can reach the temperature of the sun. It splits the very sky asunder and brings a deadly beauty to the world. Every lightning bolt is unique and yet similar. It can come in a single trunk, a forking network, loops and zig-zags, sheets and ropes. It can be a comfort far away or a terror up close. It is a thing that needs to be observed cautiously, but the potential and outright power of it is inspiring. Lightning can create glass and fire. It heralds and brings with it rain. It provides a brief flicker of light to see by and can be so bright as to leave its very image stamped against your closed eyes. The light of it is a part of this world where so many other sources of natural illumination come from space, and it gives a glimmer of understanding the amount of power necessary to overcome momentous obstacles and still gleam. Lightning is the statement and thunder the response, the harmony. Unseen, thunder is the warning of danger and declaration of power. You can feel thunder shake the air, your house, and the ground itself. The timing between lightning and thunder gives a slight sense of how safe you may be. It is easier to catch in its fullest. Thunder can rumble across the landscape of come in a deafening crack. It comforts as it can be heard speaking of the gift of rain and beauty of lightning, yet it is also the terror of the storm. Lightning may startle, but thunder sets the heart and adrenaline rushing. It propels you into action to seek safety. Lightning and thunder together set their very own show and game. They dance around each other in harmonies and represent the ultimate expression of power, not only as an individual but also in concert with the entire world around them. An instant of flashing action and the rolling response are so similar to the great moments of life. Visual beauty and action is met with invisible feeling and music. Every instance a new and amazing display. It is the present as rain surrounds you to be taken as joyful blessing or tragic soaking as you choose. It is the past as the retreat signals safety and the survival of the world. It is the future illuminating the way and speaking of things to come both dangerous and wondrous. Lightning and thunder storms can be a delight to behold from any distance. They are certainly much more enjoyable from a place of safety. The charged energy of the air as they begin is exhilarating. The distant show of a full thunderstorm on the horizon gives a sense of omniscience. The awe mixing both wonder and terror as it strikes around your house gives you a true sense of both your own place and the vast capacity of the world. It is the instrument of creation or destruction. It is the ultimate weapon of the mage, the very breath of a dragon.