Ode to the First Feeling of AC

The feeling of walking into AC right after the heat is one the first drink of water in the stereotypical Sahara. If you appreciate this feeling, you have been in and uncomfortable, inimical environment. You are often sweaty, thirsty, and may have a headache. The second you walk into air conditioning though, you feel as though life will go on. Suddenly it is believable that these things too will pass. Your whole body shivers in relief and sometimes even gives you goosebumps. Walking into AC often also is accompanied by shade which gives your eyes the chance to readjust to a new environment, one that you have been planning to get to. Your goal is achieved. You need not squint any more. There is rest to be found, or food, or that item you need/want. Walking into AC is a physical and psychological pleasure. The cool air caresses you and assures you that you will be alright.