Ode to Water Bottles

Water bottles contain things without spilling. Spills seem to be exaggeratedly huge tragedies in my mind right up there with the worst things that can befall mankind such as famine and plagues. Water bottles prevent this, and that is amazing. The miracle of chemistry that is plastics, and it really is interesting chemistry, allows you to carry liquids to various places with modes of transportation ranging from driving to running. They allow you to take runs to the next level or distance as you can carry the all-important water that allows you to hydrate (or die) and prevent the latter Water is delicious on its own, yet you can also carry any manner of liquid in them from coffee to Gatorade to iced tea. The convenience of having these allow you to throw a bottle of sweet liquid into the back of the car without fear of it creating the perfect, sticky disaster from occurring. The decorations on water bottles and the way light plays through various liquids make them expressions of personality and mesmerizing beauties. The weight of the liquid makes them a perfect toy for the idle hands, twisting, flipping, and twirling them. They are easy enough to open as I have even managed it one-handed on scooter drives, and the joy from having your choice of drink when moving about enhances so many experiences.