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  • On the Patru Sănătati: Psihicului (The Four Healths)

    On the Patru Sănătati: Psihicului (The Four Healths)

    Relevant fun fact: adverb formation in the Romance languages uses the suffix -ment(e) which comes from the Latin: with respect to/using the mind.   Intelectualmente: Intelegência Intellectual health is the pursuit of knowledge. The mind needs to be engaged. It does not do well with constantly mulling over the same things. Paradoxically, it is strengthened…

  • On the Graces

    On the Graces

    Gratiae Patientia Patience lets you take a moment to think. It gives you a chance to let the Empire of the Mind take over and evaluate whether your instincts are good or if they are the sort that should be avoided. Patience gives you endurance so that you can get to the goals you have…

  • On Life and Death

    On Life and Death

    Life: Life is to be lived in the sense that we should take advantage of the time we have. As an emperor, Tiberius is the name that jumps to mind but I may be wrong, said, “There is no guarantee of an afterlife.” In this sense, one should not waste their life. The time we…