On Acumina

“things sharpened to a small point”

Intellegência: Cerebral Acumen

            Intelligence means literally, “to read/chose between” Thus, the mark of intelligence is not just to be aware knowledge that exists, but to be able to apply, analyze, and surmise from that knowledge. It is the reasoning that allows one to build upon previous knowledge and increase the understanding of the world. It is knowing how to learn, what can be transferred over, and what must be adapted or learned entirely new. It is the storing of information so that that information can be applied to optimize action. It is scrutinizing thoughts, understanding logic (and illogic), taking what value one can from ideas and building or expanding on those ideas. Linked clearly, it promotes Intellectual health.

Puissance: Physical Acumen

            Prowess is the power of action. It is the understanding of how to move things physically, be it directly with one’s own body or indirectly through the physics of things. It can both come with training to build skills and muscle memory in order to accomplish things. It is also the knowledge of how the physical world works and how to apply the training gained to best advantage in a situation. It is the ability to read a game or sport more than within the individual action, to be aware of the team and competition. It is the ability to anticipate what needs to be done through being ready to act. Animus Sanus In Corpore Sano.

Sagezza: Worldly Acumen

            Wisdom is understanding of implications. It is the ability to see the consequences linked to action and to evaluate the worth of those consequences. It is the experience that teaches because much of circumstances are unpredictable intellectually. As there are a vast number of possibilities, wisdom is the ability to sift through these to the likely outcomes and evaluate what the best possible outcome is. It is the ability to judge. It is compromise, demand, request, yielding, and acceptance. It is the refraction of the world into greys, acknowledging the value of ambiguity and differences from one’s own paradigm. It is the ability to keep a moral compass for oneself. Wisdom and Spiritual health create feedback loops.

Charisma: Social Acumen

            Charisma is understanding how people think. In a world surrounded by different, predictive organs that try more or less to confirm their predictions, it is the ability to anticipate reactions. It is the ability to navigate situations based on the mood and attitude of those around you. It is the ability to inflect, to choose words carefully, to emote. It brings compassion: empathy and sympathy. It is the ability to know when a person needs support or pressure. It is the ability to understand the perspective of those around you and act in accordance. It elicits desired responses from others, gaining cooperation from those around you. Eliciting desired reactions both influences Emotional health of the self and of others.