On Social Relationships

Strangers: Stars

Strangers are like stars observed in the night sky. They are observed from a far and have a lot of similarities to each other. They pass by with little effect on our lives except, perhaps those that create the beauty of constellations. This is a superficial observation with little relation to the actual position of those stars in the universe. In order to learn more about the true nature of a star, you must use tools to take a closer look and gather more detailed data.


Acquaintances: Comets

Acquaintances are as comets appearing from apparently nowhere as they come close to the sun and begin to throw of glowing tails and colors. They may return repeatedly to your life, but the frequency is vastly variable. They can make a profound impact on you as their tails stretch the length of the night sky and bring novel amazement to your life, or their trails may create the subtle effects and hopes of shooting stars that one wishes upon.


Friends: Planets

Friends are as the planets. They are frequently and predictably present in your life, and each has its own wonders and unique features. They may come in and out of your life many times as they go on their own journeys around the sun, but when they return, they are instantly recognizable and comfortable to be around. Each has their own share of moons that link them to others around them and are influenced by the planet’s identity.


Best Friends: Moon

A best friend is as the moon. At any given time, one among all of the other features of the night sky is instantly recognizable and reflects the miraculous light of the sun to make the darkness flee. Their features and personality are easily discerned and predicted. They pull upon you and influence you in a way that no other can. You can be drawn in by this influence to change, or struck by the near-supernatural astonishment of its eclipses.


Family: Sun

Family is as the sun. Its influence is overwhelming upon each of the planets, but each with a different experience of its power. It provides comfort and nourishment. It is the most predictable of all aspects of the world, but has its own moods. The influence of the sun colors your entire experience of the world and draws unavoidable attention. It interacts with each other thing to provide different perspectives. Its rising and falling are colored with wonder and filled with the hope of a new time.