On 改善

改善is the concept of improvement. It is amegliorare in Italian, mejorar in Spanish, ameliorate in English. The thing about 改善as opposed to improve as a concept is that 改善incorporates the ideas of improvement because it is better for the world, because it is responsible, because it is self-motivating, because it is the correct philosophical direction. Thus, 改善incorporates both the action and the motivation for that action. It doesn’t matter where you are currently at, if you are improving, you are moving in the right direction. 改善incorporates finding the balance for each situation. There is no reason not to strive for perfection even if it is often unattainable. More often than not, perfection is attainable, the path can be more than worth the striving for that, or can simply make the world a better place because you tried. 改善is the way to strive for that relative perfection, and it is in doing this that we bring positive to the world. It is self-motivating in that it feeds on itself. It also rewards people for acting morally and that improvement of the self can be what guides people to act well. 改善does not preclude people from acting against it. It is what allows oneself to rise above their surroundings and become truly good. Whether people inherently have it is a silly question. As with all things, people have differing portions of their personalities and so some people have an abundance of the driving force behind 改善while others have an astounding inertia to it. If any person can work toward it a little that is a good thing.