Ode to Victories

Victories are rewards. They are the product of all of the hard work you have put into a challenge. The feeling of victory comes with the rest at an end. It is the impetus to move onto the beginning. When you have come to the end of adversity. In this, there is peace. You have just a moment to reflect upon the things you have accomplished. The errors that teach you so much and the moments of smooth sailing in which you excelled combine to create the greatest of learning experiences, and by reflecting, you have at least a chance to learn from this impersonal teacher, experience. You have all of the positive feelings of having achieved your goal for the victory, and so you are more willing to accept and improve on what you have done. You are exhilarated and the euphoria carries you on to set new goals and confront new challenges. When shared, you can look at your companion and feel the intimacy of knowing that the excitement is shared and utterly understood. There is a sense that you are truly feeling the same thing as those around you. You are more connected and aware of your surroundings. You reach a state instantaneously of heightened awareness, and you feel you can take in the entire world in all its details at once. The feeling of victory is the highest and most powerfully positive feeling that you can have. There is some build up to this as you sense that you will achieve your victory in the near future. You can sense the climax of a story as it unfolds into your life. The fantasies and dreams you have had become reality, and in that moment is the perfect coincidence of thought and action, pure and sweet. This is victory.