Ode to Transportation

Transportation has opened the world. The ability to rapidly get from one place to another has made the world wholly accessible. Planes, trains, boats, cars, scooters, gondolas, etc. cross every imaginable barrier and transcend mortal time. It is now possible to see a person separated by continents in a single day. It is possible to take a short trip to a different city and return again the following or even the same day. It is even possible to live in one place and make a living in another. There are so many ways in which modes of transportation has made life closer and more convenient that one can truly consider themselves a worldly person. The fact that transportation is fundamentally easy makes it convenient and therefore a thing that people will do with little hesitation. The means to find transportation is varied and ranges from expensive to cheap. Mass transportation is at once impersonal and gregarious. There are chances to meet new people or simply exercise one’s own caution and reserve. There is the chance to see brief glimpses of the lives of other people, to give consideration and thoughtfulness to the good of the whole or a random act of kindness. Private transportation allows one to have complete and utter control of their own destiny, to sing like no one is listening, to take a dream adventure. Fast travel allows one to jump ahead or behind, even to time travel. I lived two July 4ths in 2016 for example. Slow travel allows one to contemplate, relax, read a book or write an essay. Guiding one’s own travel is exciting and exhilarating while stepping on board a train, bus, or plane allow you a doubly useful time in which you can move across the world and do your own thing. You can take some more attention and give it to observing the beauties of the world. Getting a ride from someone gives a great sense of companionship of allowing you to catch up, of gratitude for the favor, and of trust in the concern for safety and help from the other person. Different methods of transportation create different sensations. Planes are high-tech and swift. They are the nearest we have to time machines at the moment, leaping around the world in a single day to take you to a distant destination that you could unlikely reach under your own power. Trains take a stately pace from one destination to another giving the time for thought and rest while traveling between cities and states. Buses take you into the deep mountains and remote towns of a region where you may then find some taxi or other means of local locomotion to your final destination. Each share the goal of getting you from origin to objective, yet each has its own comforts, risks, speed, and feeling. The world of adventure lies in every means of transportation.