Ode to the Olympics

The Olympics are inspiring. There is nothing so much as the Olympics that gets me motivated to get out and do sports. It is truly amazing what these people accomplish and how far their road has taken them. They have risen to the top of their sports, and the Olympics are the time that they really get to shine in the eye of the world to represent themselves, their country, and their sport itself. The Olympics are full of familiar sports and routines, yet they always have elements of surprise. Champions are defeated, or they can come through to show once again that they are at the top of their field. People rejoice in gaining the gold medal, but equally as many are overcome with silver and bronze because they have earned their place on the podium. Often, these people have gained the first medal in that event for their country or set some sort of personal record. There is a great spirit and meaning with countries coming together in peaceful and friendly competition. It comes from the rich history of the classics, which I take at least a passing interest in. Competitors are there to do their best for their country, but each country is there to participate in events as members of the world. The Olympic spirit is so much of the good that can be done in the world and the spirit of the belief in all humans. From every corner of the planet, they meld in a seamless sphere in the microcosm of their own sport as they bring a little more of the whole world together. It is exciting to watch the final events. It is heart-warming to watch a competitor there for their country’s first chance to compete. It is heartening to watch people of countries vastly separated embrace, congratulate each other, and encourage each other. The Olympics are the only time that I truly regret not having TV, and I find myself in a weird sort of longing if they come up and I am unable to watch. When I do get to watch, each event seems to be a new sort of inspiration. I am filled again with childhood inspiration to go out and participate in the amazing world of sports. I want to be a swimmer and a skier and a gymnast and a expert kayaker and play volleyball and get back into diving.

I have been privileged to live in a country that does very well in the Olympics, and I have been more so privileged to witness some of the greatest athletes yet seen go through multiple Olympic competitions. From Misty and Kerry to Michael Phelps to Chusovitina to Bolt to the Williams sisters the Olympians in this round of Olympics are inspiring and the makers of history over and over again. It was one of the great experiences of my life to have attended the Torino winter Olympics. There was so much to absorb as we wandered to events, and it did not matter the amount of world attention received by the event that we went to. It was simply the fact that we could be there. It was being recognized by a curling Olympian for supporting our team and country. It was mixing with people of every nation of the world. The mission of the Olympics is one that I agree with wholeheartedly, and it is one of the few international organizations along with UNESCO that I not only would love to, but would dream of working with.