Ode to the Life is Good Brand

The life is good brand is elegantly positive. The shirts are of a good quality, so they last through a lot of wear and tear. The designs are mostly a simple, stick-figure drawing with a cleaver, positive phrase underneath. Most simply say “Life is Good”. Some have double entendre as with my “stoked” shirt that features a campfire but has the added connotation of excited. Another that I own is a shirt with a pumpkin on it and the standard phrase. This is easily my favorite shirt because it combines everything I like about the brand, its simplicity and message, and pumpkins which I associate with since my birthday is Halloween. The fact that the drawings are so simple suggest to me the simplicity of the message as well. Life IS good, and this brand does a lot to show little things that are great. There is a large emphasis in the brand of the outdoors and getting into nature to enjoy it. The positive messages are things that I actually support wearing ideologically, rather than the random grab bag of clothes that I usually adorn myself with. Between this shareable message and the comfort of the shirts, they tend to be my first go to’s when I have finished my laundry. I wear them all the time, and I wear them until the cuffs and neck are fraying. I have worn holes in many of the shirts and eventually had to retire one of them. They have been among my most anticipated and most cherished presents as they were fairly consistent gifts at Christmas for a number of years. I wouldn’t complain if all of my clothes eventually became Life is Good brand because the simple reminder can be all it takes some times.