Ode to the East Coast of Taiwan

The East Coast of Taiwan is 24km from the promised land. It is a magical area of sapphire blue sea, emerald green vegetation, diamond clouds, and an obsidian road. There are little towns and streams that run fresh and short into the warm sea. There are jagged cliffs that fall directly into the pounding surf. There are the various polished stones and colors of the beach sands that stand and look out onto where the ocean meets the sky. The road travels up the mountains and back down to the coast again giving a wide variety of vistas and its passes by the dreamiest of vacation home-stays. It threads over the valleys and around fruit fields. The large amount of rain in the area keeps it perpetually fresh and clean. The temples that dot the coast ward the island from the worst of the tropical typhoons.


The arched bridges of 三仙台leap as a dragon straight out of a fantasy novel. The resort beaches, few and far between, are the picture of vacations. The light piano tones of the Beauty and the Beast played at the Farglory Hotel are the quintessence of luxury. Here the East meets west in all the Venetian Opulence of Architecture while the paragon service of the East all looks down upon the vistas of nature and human life alike. Contraposto to the resort is the eternity of the Pacific on one side and the massifs of the Central Mountains to the other. A coffee and a book are so much more than that. Afternoon Tea and exquisite Asian cuisine are enjoyed with every worldly and good comfort. This is where I come for solace, to let the surf and beauty wash my thoughts into the forgetful ocean and the resilient mountains. It is a place where my soul has healed several times, and it has never asked a thing of me. I can pour all of my emotions out and find beauty once again in the world.

Many of the beaches are formed from marble with boulders, stones, gravel, pebbles, and sand all polished to a grey and white gleam. Jade can be found among the stones of the beaches and woven into the very bedrock. They make a tumbling sound as they are turned and shaped by the surf. The white strip between the lush, tropical vegetation and the sea that drops to deep ocean trench in mere kilometers is a boundary line between the healthiest of elements on earth. Life abounds in both realms and is vibrant as it plays and shows off in all its glory. Your life slows down and takes on the very essence of vacation as you decelerate to the relaxed life and travel that persists in this corner of the world. The frenetic world beyond these slopes falls away and you are left in reverie. It is certainly among the top locations that I would ever honey-moon, to wake up with one you love and look out over the sea, to share the intimate beauty of the sea and mountains simultaneously. This is where fantasies of love pure and true are born.