Ode to Sunglasses

Sunglasses help to keep things in balance. The sun and light can be too bright. I am particularly sensitive to this because I struggle generally with overstimulation of any kind. Dealing with overly bright surroundings makes me squint. This, I think, in turn puts a little more pressure on my brain and will eventually give me a headache. It also is a pretty sure way to make me grumpy. I large number of times that I have lost my patience have been when I am actually just dealing with the effects of too bight circumstances. Sunglasses alleviate that problem and make it so I can see clearly the beauty of the world. They reduce the stimulations of the bright light so that I don’t have to squint and prevent the headaches. Mine have prescriptions, so they let me see things precisely. They also block wind from getting into my eyes and causing more issues than I already have with pollen, etc. Sunglasses can hide unintentional looks from other people. The times I have uncharitable thoughts, I am at this point less likely to say them, but I still feel my eyes give something away. Sunglasses can prevent that allowing me to recover before hurting someone’s feelings. They can also show people their own reflections so they have a chance to reflect upon themselves without trying to grasp the fathoms of one’s mind. Many people think sunglasses are cool. Sunglasses can give an interesting color cast to your surroundings that can change the way you see the world. Taking sunglasses off can give you more light than you thought you had and help you keep going at the end of a long day.