Ode to Staying at Home

Staying at home is the easiest thing in the world. You don’t even have to get out of bed to accomplish it. Everything around you is familiar, everything as you put it, everything as you prefer it. Your home is the most familiar place to you such that you can navigate it in the dark. Every plant, branch, and creature is familiar, and the subtlest change in flower or fall leaf is immediately noticeable. The play of light as the day goes by marks time and beauty in differing lights of the same familiar home you have created. The way it is organized is up to you, and you can change things if you want. The views from the windows show the garden and the fruits of patience and labor that have brought a little piece of paradise to Earth. The dress code is as casual as you desire, and the festivities whatever you choose. From the carpet to the various chairs, couches, and beds, there are so many comfortable options for relaxing. The food in the refrigerator is yours, and the snacks limited only by conscious or budget. It is easy to get lost in a book or singing songs. You can spend hours gazing at leaves and critters. An epic journey can be all the way across the yard with a thousand distractions in between or to another world entirely as you drift through the imagination of a fantasy author. Naps come in and out as a natural course, and are frequently only interrupted by meals. The temperature can be what is best suited to you, and you can move from sun to shade. I spend a lot of time at home listening to music while reading or playing magic. I playtest decks against each other and ogle over the dragons of the game. The floor is the playing field, and there can be plot or simply meditation in the playing out of confrontations between mages. The worlds of fantasy expand with books, and weekends are some of the few times I will read large amounts in one sitting. This is where I have read entire books, and it is a recovery to just sit or lay at home and let my muscles unwind after all of the exercise of the week. I have some of my most thoughtless and some of my most ingenious moments while at home. The comfort of it can lead to the very best of times, a quiet, melodious sanctuary full of all the comforts and joys of the familiar.