Ode to Shorts

Shorts are comfortable. They allow you to regulate your temperature on a hot day without having to resort to extreme measures of stripping or seeking out water. They are less likely to get tattered or dirty than pants are. Often made from more comfortable, and faster drying materials. Cargo shorts in particular have more pocket space than most pants do, and this allows you to carry anything that may be useful for an adventure, or even a few personal items you would not otherwise be able to, even if this makes you appear round. You can wade into water without getting soaked, and shorts can serve as a swimsuit in a pinch. They are light and adjustable. You can work somewhat on your tan. When you are wearing shorts, it is warm out, which gives some more comfort and freedom to the activities that you do. They give you more flexibility in your movement to be able to run, climb, hike, or do most of your preferred activities.