Ode to Shade

Shade brings relief. It is much like sunglasses in that it makes it so I don’t have to quint and therefore do not get as grumpy. Or rather, sunglasses are a small amount of portable shade. Shade also lessens the heat of the sun. It makes a hot day more comfortable, or in the case of extreme deserts, bearable. Shade helps preserve you by reducing the amount of water you lose. It gives you a weird sense of security because you have something over your head. You know that anything falling from the sky (most reasonably rain) will be obstructed to some extent because you are in the shade. It gives you a chance to pause and look out at the bright surroundings of the world in all their splendor and glory while you feel you are an observer. You can take a moment to reflect upon the world and separate yourself from it. Shade brings the temperature down so you feel more comfortable. It is a great way to avoid getting sunburnt, particularly when you do another of my favorite things: nap. Naps in the shade of a tree on a grassy expanse can be so rejuvenating because they combine the security and rest of the nap with the peace and comfort of nature. When you pass into shade, your mind relaxes just a little bit. Your eyes adjust to find new treasures. Knowing there is shade you can use nearby makes playing in the sun more inviting. As you get tired you can take a break, cool off, and rejuvenate. Shade reduces the glare of bright objects. You can see more clearly through a glass or mirror. You can see an electronic screen at all. You Shade is what makes it possible to do work outside and add some pleasure to it. It makes it so the pages of a book are not hurtful to look at. Thus, you can enjoy all the wonders in the stories with the accompanying sounds of your surroundings. It is a place that people gather for food (everyone looks first for the picnic table in the shade). It is where people seek shelter from approaching storms where the shade may vanish but in its place safety is revealed.