Ode to Reading a Book on a Weekend

Reading a book on a weekend is the essence of free time. You can take the entire day if you want or just a few small instances, but the choice is entirely yours. The fact that you can choose to spend the day lost in the world of a book is a gift, and it is one of the best choices for that free time. All of the comforts of your most familiar place, your home, are available to you. Reading in bed as the hours move slowly by and you slip in and out of naps are wasted not at all. The pages slip by, and you can get a lot of reading done that you would normally be unable to achieve in the short moments between bed and sleep times. The only times I have finished entire books in a day is when I have had the luxury to read on the weekend. I particularly like reading with some tea in the bay window on my aptly named “reading couch”. It is as comforting as my bed, and there is beauty of the garden and activity of animals to gaze at as you read. By reading there, I feel very much at ease. It is the utmost of relaxation, and the reading helps to abate feelings of anxiety over being unproductive.

The feeling of sunlight filtering through the window keeps you warm and comfortable and aids your imagination. The book, whether non-fiction or fantasy presents a world to you in letters only. On a weekend, you can easily build that world into a sort of reality. The walls recede, yet you find yourself in the inn of the Last Homely Home, the towers of High Sorcery, or the Labyrinth. You can delve into the world of molecular chemistry as the elements dance around you, or you can be transported to a country in which you once lived, surrounded by the multi-lingual mosaic of weekends and cafes long ago and far away. Because you are combining the best comforts of your current life and the infinite fantasy of the worlds in people’s minds, you combine some of the best things that exist. You can dream in reality, and bring the fantasy world into your own.