Ode to Rainbows

Perhaps it was just that I saw a rainbow in a blue sky today (There was a storm coming in from the East and blowing a misty rain sideways, but the blue sky to the East allowed the sun to catch the water over the tops of the clouds and refract the light into rainbow back at me). Rainbows are just neat. They break the very light apart to give you a more colorful view. They show a storm is coming or has passed. They can come in partial or full bows. They can be double or even triple. A storm can cause you to see one, or a waterfall, or a cirrus cloud near the sun, or a hose on a hot summer day. Those are all neat things to experience anyway, and the rainbow adds just a little more to it. Rainbows are always centered on you (it is how the optics works, not egotistical), and they are thus always a unique experience because no one can stand exactly where you do. They symbolize luck, hope, happiness, and acceptance of love in all forms. They promise wealth. To see a rainbow, you are almost always able to see a storm, which is a beautiful thing, but you are not standing in it, which can occasionally be unpleasant or dangerous. They divide worlds and link them. The physics of a rainbow is really cool. It is tied with the very reason the sky is blue. It is well understood in my opinion, and I like that we as people understand our world just a little bit better. I just learned that the sky between double rainbows is darker, which is new and exciting.