Ode to Pillows

Pillows are soft. They support your head when sleeping, but you have to pick wisely. Not just any pillow will work for people, and the wrong height and softness can cause aches, bad dreams, and sleeplessness. However, a good pillow can be the ultimate comfort. To protect your head and brain with something so soft gives you a deep sense of security. You can let your mind wander as you prepare for sleep, or you can enjoy a great comfort as you read a book. The moment your head hits a pillow, you being to relax. You have the opportunity to lay down, and you can let weariness seep out of you. Pillows not only bring great comfort to the bed, they are probably the best thing to take on a long trip. There is something to be said for being able to stuff a pillow in the crack next to a car window, to collapse into one in the eighth hour of an intercontinental flight, to prop your head up a little on a bench as you wait for a train. Having the right travel pillow is almost as amazing as having a good towel. There is also the added bonus that you know yours is the only head to really touch your pillow. You can nestle into it and get a little more rest which would otherwise be elusive on such an epic trip. You can hug a pillow and feel a sense of protection and comfort. The softness awakens memories of security blankets and stuffed animals. It fills arms that would feel so empty otherwise, and lets you move appendages away from touching in a hot and humid summer, the key to less sweat and more sleep. I often find myself buying more pillows than I need because, honestly, can you ever have enough? Also, there are so many positive feeling I associate with pillows that it is an easy thing to say, “Yeah, I need more of that.”