Ode to Overcoming a Challenge

“Never give up. Sometimes, the last key is that which opens the door”

Overcoming a challenge is victory pure and simple. It is having come up against something that is not easy for you and working on it to the best resolution. The feeling you get when you overcome a challenge is both adrenaline pumping because what you have done is not easy, and it is relaxing because you know you can come down from the heightened level of awareness and concentration safely. You are able to stop and take a breath, to look back and reflect on what you have just accomplished. At these times, I find myself often at my most energetic when in theory I should be at my weariest. It gives the feeling and belief that I can accomplish anything in the world and I am often tempted to move on to the next challenge.

Overcoming a challenge can be great such as the accomplishment of a thesis or climbing a gargantuan peak, or can be small as in re-reading a poorly understood sentence or trying something new. Each person seems to find these for themselves, yet each has entirely different challenges based on their skills and backgrounds. What is easy for some is very difficult for others, yet the feeling of elation that comes from overcoming the challenges is universal. This is one of the things I think that ties us together in compassion. It is a big part of what brings home and determination to people, and that is one of the great traits of our kind. Keep pushing the boundaries of your mind and ability!