Ode to Milanos

Milanos are simply amazing. Each flavor is a great balance of chocolate, cookie, and some other thing. There are orange, lemon, raspberry, mint, double chocolate, and peppermint that I have seen and tasted (Oooo! I recently discovered mocha, pumpkin spice, and remembered dulce de leche too). They are resilient to the packing of backpacks, do not get soggy or stale easily, and can be broken into pieces to share. They are crunchy but not brittle. An extra treat can be dipping them into Nutella, but that is not required to make them great. Orange Milanos are probably my favorite. This comes from both the exquisite complements of orange and chocolate and the fact that Orange Milanos were the special treat we had on trips thanks to mom alla Renee. They represent special occasions and adventures to me. Milanos have also become my official victory treat for each day of backpacking. There are enough to share around (three levels of five), and because there are the three levels which is usually the same as the number of days I am backpacking for, it is perfect for the end of each day. The others that I tend to hike with also usually accept them enthusiastically, which adds a feeling of appreciation, gratitude, generosity, and companionship to the taste of Milanos. They are an easy treat to share around the lunchroom that draw grins and even song. They even have become a gift to me from others.