Ode to Learning

Learning gives you a constant goal and path toward 改善. It leaves you with a great feeling of accomplishment and the neat feeling that you know something cool. Sometimes, there is a process to learning new things. It takes a while; it takes hard work; it takes failure and recovery. When the learning is a process, the moment of revelation when you know you know is one of the most accomplished feelings you can have. You can hold your head high and look back at all of the work and struggle knowing that every moment of it was worth it. You look around feeling as though you are the master of the whole world and realizing that you now need a new challenge. Sometimes, the learning is swift and painless. It is as easy as going huh, that’s cool. and you will remember it for the rest of your life. The aha moment is priceless to feel and behold. There is a huge release of pressure and stress as things click into place and you feel that you have discovered something entirely new. It gives you a brief glimpse into the minds of geniuses and the allure of discovery. The act of learning can be amazingly familiar and comforting, yet the material learned can be infinitely varied. Re-learning something can even bring a sense of reward and calm if you sense that it looks familiar, and now you understand it so much better than you had. Learning new things opens a world of possibilities. It can be exponentially overwhelming as the amount that you do not know expands before your small steps of progress, or it can be a sense of the world shrinking as a whole area you did not before appreciate becomes open to you. Either way, the road is endless and endlessly rewarding.