Ode to Keys

Keys are gatekeepers. They are interesting to look at just because of their inherent variation. Each bump, plateau, and flat suggest the intricate, yet invisible working of a lock. They allow the operation of machines, the securing of a house, the access to digital information, and the closing or opening of myriad treasure chests. The shape of keys can be so variable that that sometimes they do not even resemble what we would picture as a key. A good example of this is in the movie Tomb Raider in which the clock was a key with a three sectioned fitting. The sound of jingling keys can act as a warning, a kind of music, or even a measure of power. The ultimate of keys is the master key, the skeleton that can surpass any lock and give access to all. It is the key to the city. Inserting a key in a lock is to open or close it. It allows for security, the ability to leave your things with little fear of theft. It is a statement to the world that you value the things inside the lock, and it is the power over the world to choose things to secure. There is a lot of comfort to be had at being able to use a key and make a choice about the access allowed to things. There is a trust that is given to the bearers of keys. The act of handing a key over to someone is saying that they are worthy of the restricted access. The choice to leave a lock unlocked is a great showing of trust in the world and people. It allows you to show an invisible prayer that there is good in the world and that you have chosen a safe place.