Ode to Grooming

I find grooming to be important because it shows a fundamental self-respect. I wear a beard, but I think if you do so it should be trimmed regularly. I personally do not like neck hair, particularly how it feels, so it is part of my self-maintenance that I shave it regularly. Grooming shows that you care about your health and appearance to the extent that you should be on top of your life. It gives me a sense that I am in control of at least a small part of my life. I feel better after I have groomed, and it is easier to move forward when I am not scratching at my beard and neck all the time. It keeps hairs healthier and softer to the touch. Grooming is some time spent on myself personally and making sure that I am well cared for. It is a chance to evaluate what I want to look like. It gives me a chance to change if I desire or stay as I am. It is a chance to remove unwanted parts of myself and let regrowth and cleanliness begin.