Ode to Good Sore

Being good sore means that you have worked yourself, you have pushed the limits of what you can do, but you have not over-done it. Good sore is the sore of doing something you are just unaccustomed enough at to feel it the next day or several days. You have challenged yourself and every feeling of tenderness is a reminder of that victory. It encourages you to reflect on the neat experiences you recently had, and it reminds you that great gains sometimes take struggle. You can look forward to the next experience and the fact that you will be less sore. You have begun incorporating something good into your life, and it will soon become accustomed. Then it will become habit and even excellence. You may decide that that activity is not for you, but you truly know that you tried it and evaluated whether it was worth it to you. You can be good sore in both body and mind. That of the body is more easily noticeable since your very nerves report to you about what has happened and the fact that your muscles are rebuilding themselves. Sore of the mind is harder to recognize because it can come out in any number of moods, emotions, or feelings. Mine tends to be a slight feeling of pressure in the area of my mind that I have been working hard. It is often a mood that is not elated, but satisfied or even entirely neutral. There is a deep sense of things moving in the right direction even if I am not jumping up and down at that knowledge. Being good sore lets you know you are improving in body and mind, but it also warns you of your limits. It is the way that you find out what your current limits are and avoid injuring yourself. You have the chance to step back and give yourself the rest you need before pressing onward. As you encounter the good-sore situations more and more, you will know how quickly you recover and when you will be able to push on. You also start to get a sense of how much you can expand your limits in a given go at an activity. This then lets you find your strengths as those are often where you can press the furthest and gain relatively more improvement than other areas.