Ode to Getting Up to Do Something Cool

People have finicky sleep schedules I suppose, but getting up to do something cool is where the best memories are built. It starts out extraordinary because you have gone outside your normal pattern to wake up and get out the door in the first place. You feel weird to start. Often there is a long commute to your destination involved that may be in the fog of coffee/sleep deprivation, or a mix of nodding off and wakefulness if you are being driven by someone else. You can stumble to a car and sleep there if you have a good driver/morning person in your midst. Then you get there. The world is a different place early. You feel accomplished starting out, and it only gets better. You have put out enough forethought to make sure you are there, and usually, you are wisely early to be where you are. You might see a sunrise where you normally would not. You can enjoy the cool of the morning in hot places. You can go on a long run, hike, or other adventure and when you are done find you still have the normal day ahead of you. You can give yourself so much more time to accomplish something epic. There is a positive inertia of adrenaline that keeps you on your feet and moving. Because you have chosen to do something cool and committed to getting up early for it, you can feel even better about each item of wonder you come across. You can get to places that are far away. Thus, you can visit friends or national monuments. You can see a sight you normally would not. You can surprise someone completely. You can visit a place that you have missed or always wanted to go. Every one of these things is awesome, and it is possible because you got up. You broke the banal pattern of daily life and made that particular day so special. You tend to find there is an afternoon slump that goes with getting up early, but it makes the relaxation or nap at that time so much more rewarding. You often need a friend to motivate you to get up and out there. This makes the cool experience even better because you can share it with someone else. You have relied on each other for motivation, and now the cool thing is that much better because you all get to experience it. The rewards of getting up every now and then are so great between the cool thing itself and the feeling of will and power you have for changing your life that one day that you will forever be appreciative of having gotten up to actually do it. The memories will be etched more profoundly in your mind.