Ode to Fruit

Fruit is nature’s candy. It comes in a plethora of shapes and sizes from even the most unlikely of plants such as thorn-covered vines and even cactus. Uniformly, it is sweet and that makes it most often delicious. The variation of flavors then come from varying amounts of citric and malic acids, how edible the seeds are, the ripeness of the fruit and weather it can take a bruise. The colors of fruit are among the most vibrant and lively that exist. They are so beautiful to look at, they have become the subject of even the most astounding of painters. They garnish otherwise drab looking foods, but add so much more as they can be enjoyed as well. Aside from fresh fruit, there is also the various substances that come out of fruits such as juices, jellies and jams, dried fruit, and fillings. Each has a slightly different flavor from the original fruit that gives it its own merits and makes it possible to consume fruits continually without ever getting bored. My favorite fruits are probably mangoes and mandarin oranges. Mangoes are the rare treat, decadent and amazing. Seeing mango on a menu item is one of the things that makes it disproportionately likely that I will get that thing. I do not often eat them as they are expensive where I live, I have no idea how to tell if they are ripe honestly, and they are just hard enough to peel and eat that it must be a rare luxury. Mandarin oranges are my go to fruit, easy to peel, practically candy, and almost always good. It is a very rare occasion that I have found a mandarin orange that is not delicious. Fruits also make my favorite dessert: cobbler. There is a magic that comes from the gooey texture and delicious taste of the fruit when combined with crumbly, pie topping. The finding of fruit can be a welcome surprise on a hike, it can be a treat anticipated through hours of work, or it can be a staple part of lunch, delicious and comforting. The vitamins and sugars give you motivation to keep going and make sure your body is functioning, health incarnate.