Ode to Connections

Connections join the world. The joining of two things, to concepts, two roads, two lives. Each starts as its own self and gains experiences and character creating what it really is. Then, the meeting of each brings those experiences and characters together to forge anew a single entity moving forward into the unknown creating and re-shaping. There are myriad ways in which things can connect from the tangible to the intangible, the firm to the tenuous, the brief to the millennial. When two roads or trails connect, there is a world of new possibilities. The unknown comes up with all of the allure of a new turn, new beauty. The act of deciding gives you agency over your life. You can make the connection worthwhile or abandon it for the safety of comfort. Each is valid. The meeting of two concepts strengthens your mind. You create relationships between formerly disjointed portions of your own world. The most impressive achievements in both literature and discovery are often the joining of things paradoxically. A good analogy can join disjunct pieces of data floating in a person’s mind cementing them to be remembered for a lifetime. The aha moment occurs, and one’s entire being lights up with the euphoria of understanding. The application of knowledge gained in one arena to that being acquired in another is the feeling of power. There is a very deep seated satisfaction in it that is a quiet and humble pride. The connection between two people from the ephemeral to the sempeternal makes a life more interesting. Often connections between people bring them to a better place. They allow for so many of the graces to appear including fides, fidelitas, honos, and amor. By sharing some time and experience together, there is a part of you that will always reside with the other person. It is eternal, instantaneous bliss.