Ode to Coffee

Coffee is supposed to give energy. Caffeine excites the nervous system, so coffee gives a buzz of energy that totally lasts, right? Wrong. I am variably affected by caffeine. If I have some, it actually makes me drowsy and anxious (which is a great combination). If I have some either at the right time or in the right amount it gives me the energy buzz. Coffee can be varied in many ways. I will admit it was an acquired taste. I still am a bit unsure if I like the fact that I am a coffee drinker. I can’t deny that I am having gone from two to five coffee’s a week this last year. It has an addictive quality that my personality feeds into. Fortunately, it is a relatively mild addiction, one that is legal, and in many ways acceptable. It certainly helps others to have empathy when you appear with a coffee in hand. I didn’t like it at first and still do not like black or unadorned coffee. I like some coffee with my cream and sugar. Lattes, mochas, macchiati, and dirty chais are where it is at. The sugar of the coffee drinks is arguably what gives me more of the energy. You can add flavored syrups to give some more variety to the coffee drink. My personal favorites are a dirty chai with caramel and vanilla and a mocha with raspberry (yes, I would like three seconds of sunshine with the first). The reason coffee is nice is because of the atmosphere that is associated with it. Coffee is a drink to share with a friend. It is a peaceful morning wake up. It makes people more civil. It accompanies books and work in comfy chairs.