Ode to Campsuds

Campsuds are the most efficient cleaner. It takes a miniscule amount of campsuds to get both spume and efficient cleaning. I used barely 3oz. of campsuds for an entire month. You can use campsuds as soap, shampoo, dish soap, laundry detergent, etc. campsuds are actually efficient cleaners in that they make you feel clean as the action of soap works as well. Soap is in and of itself amazing. It consists of a hydrocarbon that has a water soluble (polarized) functional group and it has a long non-polar hydrocarbon chain. This makes part of each molecule both water and fat soluble. The fat soluble side mixes with and clings to the fats while the water soluble side stays attached to the water allowing the fat bubbles to be washed away. Campsuds are even biodegradable, which is a larger concern I have than I probably should, but I worry that when I use soapy water, it hurts my plants. Since campsuds are fat soluble, I don’t have to worry about this. Campsuds smell like childhood to me because my family would go camping often when we were children, and that is when we would use campsuds. It has mint, lavender, and citronella, which all smell good to me, and since I am allergic to many scents, this is doubly good that I can both use and enjoy the smell of the soap. The aromas are a mild mosquito repellent, and that gives extra comfort when outside, or even just in a humid location. The color of campsuds (green or amber) suggests cleanliness and earth-friendly to me. There are so many benefits to campsuds that I would rather use them than the overly scented concoctions of most hotels, hostels, and well-meaning hosts that do not know of my allergies.