Ode to Breakfast Burritos

Breakfast burritos are the convenient alternative to preparation. They combine the core of a fancy breakfast with eggs, cheese, potatoes, and usually a breakfast meat, yet they are inherently portable. Each of these items are simple in their preparation, but they take a lot of time. However, breakfast burritos are most often a purchase of mine on the run. Kick Stand Kafe even has a drive through window where I can get a delicious breakfast burrito and coffee without even getting out of the car. This became a routine and survival technique for the cross country seasons, and I have a huge appreciation for the delicious breakfasts. The different spices and types of meat from chorizo to bacon to sausage to chicken give a lot of options for the breakfast burritos. Occasionally, you can find one with exciting types of vegetables, and mix up the taste just a little more. The tortillas that breakfast burritos are wrapped in are more often warm than those of other meals, so you get the best taste out of the tortilla as well. You can then take this and move on to whatever you need to do either scarfing the burrito down or slowly munching on it between tasks. Because they are so convenient and often available at a coffee shop, breakfast burritos are a great go-to when you are running late or would like more than just cereal but haven’t the time. It is a relief to be able to hit the snooze one more time if needed, knowing that you can still have delicious sustenance before the day hits with its full force of adventures and duties.