Ode to Bread

            Bread is delicious. It is a staple of our diets and has changed and advanced the way our minds work. It allowed civilization to rise. Breads are fundamentally simple: flower, water, baking at their heart, and they are cheap and easy to buy. Still, there is so much you can do with them in terms of making more complex breads. You can change the shape to be anything from a tortilla to a pretzel. You can change the taste to be anything from Umbrian Air Bread (named because it is unsalted and so tastes a lot like air that you get to chew) to decadent sweets. Flat breads have an intense flavor that belies their simple ingredients. Leavened breads can be dense or fluffy. Breads can be split or folded to make sandwiches or pockets, soup-bowls or pizza-crusts. Even the temperature and texture of a bread can change how it tastes. There is little better than the smell and taste of warm French bread. I think I like the interior of the bread the most. It has been spared the harsh heats necessary to make a bread, but it still has been cooked. The softness of the interior of bread makes it so appealing to me as I have had my fair share crunchy things that have damaged my mouth. The interior also never makes me worry that I will do harm to my teeth. It usually holds more of the flavor and a surprise if it is a stuffed bread of some kind. I do not prefer sourdough breads. Don’t get me wrong, I have come to appreciate them, but the non-sour dough breads are the best. Flatbreads and sweet, leavened breads are probably my favorite. They both can easily go with either sweet or savory foods as a good complement, and they are even good unadorned. Breads nourish you, energize you, and enhance your mind. All things I find to be good for the world.