Ode to 關係

Using connections to accomplish something (關係) is…um…being connected. No really, it is the feeling of knowing people well enough and having enough of their respect to be able to ask a favor if you need. It is the feeling of knowing people that can help best with a specific problem you are faced with. It is the feeling of being able to help someone out because of who you know. It is knowing who to talk to. When you use connections, you have to admit that you don’t know everything and are not the best for every task. This gives a rewarding sense of humilitas because you are also not left with the feeling that you have know way to find a solution. There is productivity and reward in your recommendation to another source. You have the chance to ask another for help which shows fides and spes. There is the feeling of reciprocity in knowing people both well enough to ask a favor if needed and knowing that you will return the favor if asked. As with most things, it must be approached with caution and a balance is needed. Only using it leaves you entirely dependent on others and unable to reciprocate. In this lies too the dangers of nepotism; however with none, it is much harder to move through the world, particularly when there is something that you are unable to circumvent when you really need to. It is in the nature of necessity that you can find the balance and greatest reward for the use of your connections. Then, the accomplishment will have the greatest of impacts.