This blog is an accounting of the odes, oddities, and O Deities of a world traveler. Here lies a bunch of things that I like about the world, random ramblings about those things, and maybe eventually a number of stories about the silly experiences I have had. I hope you might find some enjoyment in them as well.

  • Ode to Soda
                Soda is carbonated sugar acid. It is amazing. I already have a palate that prefers sweet to savory things, […]
  • Did you know: BIG Church
    the Statue of Liberty would fit inside the dome of St. Peter’s Basilica?
  • Canasta
    Type: a rummy game Objective: Be the highest above 7,500 points Players: 2+ Partners: if four players, across. If three […]
  • Did You Know: French Wands
    the French word for wand is baguette?
  • Ode to the Feeling of 24-28 Degrees
    24 to 28 degrees is the perfect temperature range. Room temperature is right in the middle of this range (27), […]
  • Did you know: Speeding Eagles
    eagles soar faster than cars on a highway?
  • Sevens
    Type: a solitaire game Objective: Get out of cards first. Players: 3+ Partners: No Decks: 1 Rounds: 1 Jokers: No […]
  • Did you know: Creosote Roots
    Creosote bushes can have roots over 1000 feet long?