Author: Gered Ryan

  • Art Gallery & Shop

    Art Gallery & Shop

    Welcome to the Odeities Gallery. I’m glad you’ve come. Allow yourself to tour my rotating collection, and browse some of the amazing glory of the world. Take a photo-journey with me in my prints and stories. Find a piece you would like printed? Please use the links below the image post to purchase, and I…

  • Sunrise on the Pacific Cloudsea

    Sunrise on the Pacific Cloudsea

    Location: Taroko National Park, Taiwan Price: $132 (with taxes, shipping, and handling included) The sun crests the surface of the cloudsea coming off the Pacific Ocean. The shadowy mountains and forests give way to the glorious brilliance of the many-layered clouds, whose waves ripple and recede. Hope kindles anew with the cry of altitudinal migrant…

  • Courtyard Sentinel

    Courtyard Sentinel

    Location: Tlaquepaque, Sedona, AZ Price: $115 (with taxes, shipping, and handling included) Fusing architecture to nature, the ancient Sycamore (Platanus occidentalis) stands sentinel over this southwestern courtyard. Artists find their inspiration; travelers find respite from the summer heat; shoppers find hidden treasures beneath its shady boughs. Medium: Photo on Woodblock Size: 12”w x 8”t

  • High Andes

    High Andes

    Location: Salkantay Pass, Peru Price: $295 (with taxes, shipping, and handling included) The High Andes rise above the jungles of Peru, above the Incan Trails, above the 14,000-foot passes to altitudes incomprehensible, except in the still reflections of glacier-fed lakes. Silence is broken only by the whispers of Condor wings and cascading streams…and the labored…

  • Ribbons on Ribbons

    Ribbons on Ribbons

    Location: Upper Ribbon Falls, the Grand Canyon Price: $219 (with taxes, shipping, and handling included) Hidden in hard to access places, the narrow ribbon of riparian habitat clings to the ribbon of life. The colors of fall highlight the wrapping of the redwall canyon. The Ribbon of a whispering fall as it winds from unknown…

  • Ribbon Falls

    Ribbon Falls

    Location: North Kaibab Trail, the Grand Canyon Price: $115 (This Print is on display and exclusively available at Lund Canyon Coffee). A brief respite in the long trek across the Grand Canyon. Few attempt the daunting Rim to Rim in a day, and fewer detour to find this whispering grotto of ferns, travertine domes, and…

  • Water Is Life

    Water Is Life

    Location: Little Colorado River, the Grand Canyon Price: $100 (This print is on display and exclusively available at Lund Canyon Coffee). The travertine-rich waters of the Little Colorado River bring the extreme contrast of white and electric blue to highlight these sacred waters of the desert. One must tread carefully and respectfully, for Water Is…

  • Sydney Architecture

    Sydney Architecture

    Location: Sydney, Australia Price: $181 (with taxes, shipping, and handling included) Architecture reflects Nature. The Opera House resembles the bounty of the sea, the gift of beauty to the world, and resounds with the reflections of nature’s melodies in music classical and creative. The Harbor Bridge joins worlds grown separate by water, bringing trade, understanding,…